Just like creating a program promo, if you try to include too many selling points and messages in one spot, you will probably end up with a messy trailer that has too many things to say and lack focus.

Same as many beginners, when I first start to cook pasta, I like to put a lot of ingredients into one dish so that it won’t look pathetic. It took me some time before I learn to appreciate the noodle itself with olive oil and garlic.

Aglio (ah-lio – garlic) Olio (o-lio – oil) is the most basic pasta you can make in minutes. Life can’t get any better than to enjoy home pasta cooked to “al dente” toss in extra virgin olive oil with golden crispy garlic. I like to add some shallots as well.

Once done, it’s up to you to add in appropriate ingredients from fresh red chilli or cherry tomatoes to ham or even seafood.


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