Trailer producers are way being under rated especially in Asia. Although we are the fighter pilots of the force but we are always given the last priority to book artistes’ time and filming crew. It is exactly the same for this project. We were told to create a star studded spot to sell our social media platforms without any resource support.

With a borrowed DSLR, we sneak into the backstage of an awards ceremony show and grab celebrities to post in front of the camera. As much as our effort may not be treasured by the chiefs, most of the celebrities from the station do appreciate our hard work and they manage to give us their best shot.

This trailer eventually garners a silver award at Promaxbda Asia last year.

5 thoughts on “FOLLOW ME

  1. Hey, I love the spot… I’m no chief but I do treasure the effort and the opportunity to have worked with both of you…. 🙂

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