It should be more than 15 years ago when I saw an Italian lady making this dish on TV. Back then I have not really started cooking and certainly not able to appreciate the taste of sweet pepper. In fact I remember red pepper was quite unusual at that time. The green ones are more commonly used in Chinese cooking.

I was curious why the lady needs to grill the pepper over stove fire and remove the skin but I could not get any answers so I did not bother about it till recently when this whole scene suddenly flash by my mind. That’s when I know it’s time for me to try it.

I did some research and found out that the skin is believed to be difficult for digestion. That’s why it is normally being removed in Italian cooking. I used the same method as describe above to remove the skin only to realize it is really messy and the stains that need to be scrub clean from the stove is crazy.

During my second attempt, I cut the peppers into half and remove the seeds and membranes before placing them skin side up and grill it in an oven pre-heat at 220 degree Celsius for 20 minutes. It turns out the skin tears off by itself without any effort. The texture of the pepper becomes really smooth with all the sweet juices that come out from it.


Good extra virgin olive oil

Finely chopped garlic

Chopped sweet basil

Black pepper

Sea salt

Balsamic vinegar

Combine all ingredients together. Cut pepper into bite size and mix well with the sauce. It taste even better after chilling it in the fridge for an hour.


  1. Great to know there’s an easier way to get pepper skins off. Like you, I tried it once and found it a mess and a pain. I just bought a big bag of peppers today, so I might give it another go. The photo has certainly inspired me!

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