This promo was filmed in a rush (as usual) and the backdrop was plain and dirty. We’ve used a dvc pro camera which is bad at capturing low light as compared to the cameras we have now.

When my producer showed me her first cut, I saw the potential to elevate it further. The first cut carries this same music which was well chosen but the original message and selling points were not strong enough to create a connection with the viewers. On top of that, the original footage needs a face lift.

So we redraft the script and send the final edit for color grading. Adrian, the senior colorist from the post house that we’ve engaged did a fantastic job to inject more life and clean up the dirty backdrop into this classy, elegant spot.

It won a silver award at Promax Asia.


6 thoughts on “MY LIFESTYLE

    1. Thank you! You have caught the message nice and sharp. Promo producers always get last minute jobs like this. We got no time to craft what we want to do. We can only inject small elements to make it meaningful. Glad it works!

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