aglio olio w duck liver

I’ve always wanted to do a more daring pasta dish. Although this recipe works for me, it may not be for the fainthearted. And I think sesame oil is just the right ingredient to blend the flavors together. 

Duck liver

Fresh duck liver, cut to bite size

Minced garlic

White wine

Sea salt

Crushed black pepper

Olive oil

Sesame oil (must have)

Heat up olive oil in a pan and fry the minced garlic till it starts to brown. Put in duck liver follow by salt and pepper. Fry liver till almost tender and add a tablespoon of white wine follow by a glug of sesame oil. It is important not to overcook the liver or it will become hard.

Aglio olio

Your favorite pasta

Fresh chili



Cherry tomatoes (optional)

White wine

Fresh basil

Sea salt

Crushed black pepper

Put pasta into a pot of boiling salt water and cook to al dente. While pasta is cooking, chop up shallots, garlic, chili and fry in olive oil over medium heat. Add tomatoes follow by salt and pepper. When garlic starts to brown, pour in a glug of white wine follow by some pasta water. Add chopped fresh basil. When pasta is ready, toss it directly in the pan to soak up the sauce.

Serve pasta with liver and grated parmigiano if desired.


    1. To me, duck liver tends to be tougher than pork liver and the taste is totally different. Pork liver can be very expensive. It is seen as a nutritious food for women after giving birth. You can easily find duck liver in food centers over here.

        1. Just to share some tips from my mum on buying pork liver. The good ones will have a soft “powder like” texture when cooked. The cheaper ones are hard or crunchy in a bad way and only our friendly butcher will know.

          But one thing I know during cooking is to slice it as thin as possible to give good results 🙂

  1. Oooo…liver! It’s very high in iron. I have to eat more of them but never really like to prepare it because of the texture. But I like to eat it. It’s refreshing the way you prepare the liver with pasta. It looks like a great combination. Bravo!

    Happy Friday and enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thank you very much Irene. Duck and chicken liver is normally served as a side dish to go with duck or chicken rice over here. And it is inexpensive. Last week when I was having it at a food center, I have this crazy thought of pairing it with pasta. Luckily it works.

      Weekend ending soon….

  2. What a creative recipe pairing the duck liver with pasta! I’ve never had duck liver before but this looks like an interesting to try.

    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment. I am glad you like it. If you try, do let me know how it goes. Chicken liver should be appropriate as well.

  3. Danny, I have never eaten duck liver. You definitely put a delicious spin on liver though. What a great way to sneak a little bite size amount of iron in your diet! I love how it blends with the pasta and ingredients. Lovely, lovely meal !!! Your pictures are awesome each and every time 🙂

    1. Thank you Judy. I am glad it does not look scary to you 🙂 Duck liver is common over here. Normally goes with braised duck rice which can be easily found at food centers. But I don’t eat it often. Although it is a good source of iron, it comes with high cholesterol too. Honestly I was quite afraid that this recipe might not work. Luckily it turned out well.

    1. Thanks Sarah, I’m happy you like it. I can’t think of another ingredient to blend this dish together besides sesame oil. Luckily I have it on hand.

    1. Thank you. I’m glad you like it. I just googled to find out what is a moose. It is so much more exotic than duck liver! I wonder how it taste like.

  4. Oh Danny, I had to do a double take! I’m posting a pasta dish this week that looks so similar photo wise, but different ingredients! Your presentation and dish looks very elegant and beautiful as always! 🙂

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