tuna salad 3

I can’t wait to share this recipe that can be prepared within 5 minutes. I found it from an old recipe book by Carla Capalbo which was sitting on the shelf for some time. I got to admit that initially I was skeptical about the combination but surprisingly it turns out really good!

Canned tuna chunks

Canned cannellini beans

Good extra virgin olive oil

Fresh lemon juice

Sea salt

Crushed black pepper

Fresh basil (the original recipe uses parsley)


Emulsify the oil with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Mix in all other ingredients. That’s it!

I doubt you need 5 minutes.


  1. Danny, there should be a super like button for WP. Or a love it button! I love cannellini beans so much more than any other beans; and garbanzo’s too. What a great recipe! Healthy and delicious. I love the picture 🙂

    1. Thank you Judy. They are my favourite too. I’ve yet to try the dried ones though. This is quite a refreshing side dish. Love it with lots of lemon. I was wondering if adding some chopped fresh chili may spice it up a little. I can see the love it button 😄

  2. 5 minutes?! It can’t be true. It makes a great side salad. Don’t know if I ever have cannellini beans but it surely looks good to me. Great recipe!

  3. This is one of my favourites! I’ve actually just bought a bottle of really really good olive oil, which will be perfect for this. So thank you for reminding me how much I love tuna and beans, and I need to make this!!

    1. Thank you Gabriela, I’ve yet to try really good olive oil. I dream of taking a holiday at an olive plantation so that I can taste the first cold press straight out from the machines. I’ve seen in documentary programs. They are cloudy green. Yum yum.

      If you try this dish please let me know how it goes.

      1. It went deliciously!! (though i confess to using parsley – not because I prefer, but that’s all my local shop had) I think the olive oil makes a big difference. And let me tell you, when you finally get to try really good oil, you will smile big and wide 😉

        1. You are making me very jealous 🙂 I believe parsley should be even better for this recipe and glad it turn out well for you. Thank you for trying it out.

    1. Hey, it’s exciting to know that I’m not the only one who thinks this is good. I love it very much too. Great minds connects 🙂 I’ve always wanted to try fennel bulb. It’s rare over here but I do see them once in a while. So I don’t cook it? Just add it raw?

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