The content of this program is not what I imagine it to be. The direction is more like a travelogue. But given the program title, I thought the core emotion of fear should be injected into the promo spot to create high tension.


9 thoughts on “BORDERS

  1. Danny – I thought this was really effective. What struck me most was how you played with the timing – contrasting faster shots with a few images that we were allowed to linger with, which really concentrated out attention. I do like your work!! (Dan came in when I was watching and I showed him your Bruce Lee Promo, which he thought was hilarious. And then he was really impressed that you were following my blog. I don’t think he believed me ;-))

    1. Thank you very much Gabriela. I’m so happy you like it. And you’ve captured my thoughts behind this spot. I wanted to express the message of “thoughts that linger” not with just the mood, sound design and tag-line alone but also the video editing technique of playing with various timings and pace of images to make it more powerful. I guess it worked! I’m glad Dan likes the Bruce Lee promo! And I should tell him how your writing is able to inspire me for more ideas like these 🙂

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