tomato basil soup 1

I have always wanted to make this soup using big fresh sweet juicy tomatoes only to realize it is not going to happen. Such tomatoes don’t exist here. They are all sour. So I tried using Italian canned tomatoes which turn out great!

canned tomatoes

Italian canned tomatoes

Loads of fresh basil

The hottest chili you can find, chopped

One onion, chopped

Fresh milk (use cream if preferred)

Olive oil

Sea salt

Freshly crushed black pepper

In a pot, fry onions and chili in olive oil till onions starts to brown. Pour in tomatoes and simmer for 15 minutes. Add in all the basil, pepper and salt. Simmer for another 15 minutes. Blend everything in a food processor till smooth. Return to pot and add milk. Bring to boil and serve immediately with crusty bread.


    1. Hi Ingrid, thank you so much for the nice comment. I love basil with chili too 🙂 I really love Italian canned tomatoes. Most come without salt which is brilliant. You won’t believe the number I’ve stocked in my cupboard 🙂 …danny

  1. great idea Danny…i think canned tomatoes are better for soup anyway..anytime i use fresh i still end up with skin pulp in the soup…i love the use of so few ingredients, i’m sure it is just fresh, simple, and really tasty!…lovely post..sarah

    1. Thank you Sarah. I think it is indeed a challenge to make this soup from fresh tomatoes. So I am glad the canned version works well. And the Italian version taste really good! This recipe is too basic for most 🙂

  2. Well done, Danny. I usually use San Marzano from the brand “Cento”. So far, this brand is the best I could find where I live. Your soup looks amazing.

  3. Some of the canned tomatoes are very good and I’m sure better to use than fresh tomatoes that have no taste. I’m sure your soup was delicious.

    1. i can understand and was once intimidated by soup-making too 🙂 But I just took the courage to make the first and it is not too scary after-all. Give it a try!

    1. Thank you Dani. Canned tomatoes are amazing. Especially those from Italy. It is a really good replacement for the fresh ones that are not available here.

  4. I love tomato soup, this looks really great! I need to go have lunch now! Its a shame about your tomatoes. I thought since the food was so cheap in Singapore it would be good quality, but I suppose the further it needs to travel that worse it would be. Canned tomatoes is a good substitute though. I found my family in Italy always used canned tomatoes daily for pasta sauces. Of course they would only use certain brands. As long as the tomatoes are not too acidic then the more delicious the sauce.

    1. Thank you very much! Visit our supermart in your next visit and you will share my disappointment in getting fresh produce.

      I have seen it in Jamie Oliver’s Italian route trip and the same thing happened which I am really curious. Why are Italian’s using the canned version when they have got the most beautiful fresh tomatoes in the world? I would really really wish to know. Can you tell me? 🙂

  5. We don’t have big, juicy tomatoes here at the moment either. They won’t be in season for a few months. I was just looking at our tomatoes at the grocery store yesterday and they are in a sorry state! Your soup using the canned tomatoeslooks wonderful, healthy and quick to make!

  6. I love the simplicity of this Danny! Italian tomatoes (I know them here as San Marzano tomatoes) is the best canned tomatoes out there so I’m sure it’s fantastic. Great post and I love your photos.

    1. Thank you very much Anne. You are so right. Ever since i tried the first can of Italian tomatoes, they are always available in my kitchen cupboard.

  7. I can’t believe how easy it is. It looks wonderful and refreshing. hm…I would be happy to have this for dinner after a long day. 🙂 No fuzz and all yummy!

    1. Anto! I’m so happy to hear from you 🙂 Thank you so much. Yes, I should try with broken spaghetti. It will be delicious. Great suggestion.

      I am loving your posts and the things you cook from Italy. It all seem so fun and full of stories and charm in every dish.


  8. Good move, same here in the US, good tasting tomatoes are hard to find, unless you are willing to pay A LOT! I use canned tomatoes from Italy as well, they are sure to have matured on the plant until the very last second before picking!

    1. Thank you Giulia, I can totally share your point. I tried using all kinds of affordable fresh tomatoes when I first started Italian cooking. Knew something was wrong but couldn’t figure it out until I discover the magic of Italian canned tomatoes. Lol!! 🙂

  9. I also love the cherry or plum tomatoes in their juice from the good barnd: Cirio! I love your hot tomato soup: simple but genius!! Power soup! 🙂 x

    1. hey Sophie, thank you very much! I am glad I have been using Cirio too..and it is not pricy at all..this spicy soup is quite powerful indeed and i have to constantly remind myself to go easy with those little bird chilis 🙂

  10. Tomato soup is a favorite, especially in the Summer time when we’re picking pounds of tomatoes every single year from the garden. I am in love with a creamy version but I think I would like to try this spicy version to kick it up a bit. Thanks for sharing!

    1. I love your garden. How I wish I can do that over here which is against the law…lots of laws in Singapore. Looking forward to see your ripe and juicy tomatoes soon. You are making me so jealous 🙂

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