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This recipe is too common and simple for most but it is my first time making it.

I would have to agree that these two ingredients are a match-made in heaven

after broiling them together with some olive oil and basic seasoning.

Fat asparagus

Streaky bacon

Olive oil

Black pepper

Your favorite chili sauce (optional)

A wedge of lemon juice

Wrap asparagus evenly with bacon from bottom to top. Brush bacon with chili sauce.

Grease a baking pan with olive oil to prevent sticking.

Place asparagus evenly on pan and season with crushed black pepper.

Broil till bacon turns crispy.

Squeeze a wedge of lemon juice over it before serving with a glass of chardonnay. 


  1. Love this, Danny! I make something similar, however, next time I’ll try it with the addition of chili sauce…my husband will enjoy the addition of some heat to this. These types of simple ingredients really highlight the asparagus.

  2. This looks really delicious! I just bought a bunch of white asparagus for the first time. I usually use green. I was thinking they would be great with Sunday dinner tomorrow.

  3. Dany, I love bacon and I love asparagus; never thought of this combination! 🙂 It looks delicious and this afternoon we bought two packs of bacon (they were on special) ! beautiful pictures as always Dany!

    1. Thank you so much Ingrid. I am so happy you like it. I am gonna make it again for my mum. And it goes really well with a glass of white and perhaps some cheese 🙂

  4. this looks great! so simple too a great way to get boys to eat their vegetables! they love bacon! haha x

    1. Hi Pamela! I’m not a big asparagus fan too, but the flavor from the bacon kind of seeps in to the vegetable and made them really tasty. Thank you for stopping by. Looking forward to hear from you again 🙂 …danny

    1. Thank you Lindy! Great to hear from you 🙂 These are my favorite too. And for some reason I like to enjoy it during mid-day…hmmm…

  5. This is one of my favorite things to eat…but I’m afraid to make them too often! I probably can finish the whole batch and nothing left for the rest of the family! 😛 I’ve never tried one with chili sauce though. Guess I’ll have to make a batch soon!

    1. Thank you very much Brandi. You can also broil the asparagus with olive oil, sliced garlic, coarse sea salt and black pepper. Always love hearing from you. 🙂

  6. I love the special added chili sauce flavouring for the bacon here: great & tasty idea! I prefer the more delicate & thicker white asparagus because of their sweeter & more delicate flavour: that’s what Belgium is also famous for! Thanks! x

    1. Aw…don’t tempt me with white asparagus! They are a gem! And I can never get them here. I’ve seen it in Switzerland but no chance to cook then. I’m so jealous of you 🙂

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