Rosemary Chicken

rosemary chicken

This is one of those moments where I know that I can take cooking as a hobby for life.

It is amazing to discover how a few simple ingredients can work together with temperature and time to create magic

and produce wonderful flavor and texture least expected.

This is an impromptu recipe when my mom came over to stay for an enjoyable two weeks

left me with some frozen chicken pieces in the fridge.

I am glad I have made it right.

Chicken pieces (fresh ones are even better)

Lots of paprika

Lots of fresh rosemary

Sea salt

Crushed black pepper


Season the chicken pieces with all ingredients except lemon.

Bake at a temperature of 200C for 45 minutes.

It works even when I start from a cold oven.

Squeeze over some lemon juice and serve while it is still hot and crispy.

60 thoughts on “Rosemary Chicken

    1. Pamela! 🙂 This is really easy. I love rosemary too and glad I’ve got a big pot along my corridor. It goes very well with carrots too!….danny

  1. This is a very do-able recipe. Using paprika on our chicken would be something completely new to us around our dinner table. Thank you for the idea! I love to learn new flavor combinations.

    1. Hi Conor, thank you for stopping by with such an encouraging comment. I love simple recipes that can create magic.
      Best Wishes,

  2. It’s quite a great hobby to have. You should count yourself very lucky. I love how simple this is. I’ll have to make it for my husband sometime.

  3. ciao! yes, just the best when a simple recipe can be tasty and satisfying. lemon and rosemary work quite well with chicken, but the paprika must makes this dish just delicious.

  4. Danny – I will make this recipe this weekend. I love the simplicity and the combination of flavours – lemon, chicken, rosemary and paprika – some of my favourites. Lovely!! And a gorgeous photograph too. You didn’t say where your mother was visiting from. I hope she reads your blog!
    Lindy 🙂

    1. Lindy! 🙂 Thank you for liking this recipe. I am so excited that you are trying it this weekend. Please let me know how it worked for you. My mother stays in the next neighbourhood but as she has difficulties moving around, this is the first time she came by while her apartment undergoes a renovation. She has yet to learn to operate a computer and only reads simple Chinese language. But I’ve always show her my latest posts and explaining the recipes in her mother tongue. She loves my food photos 🙂 And she is a fabulous cook inherited from my grandmother who is an amazing woman. I guess I am lucky to have got their genes in cooking.
      Danny 🙂

  5. This looks like a nice variation of a chicken I make, so I´m going to make mental note of your recipe for next time. Oh, and this looks so good!

  6. Oh yum! Danny, both your description and the photograph make me want to run out and buy chicken pieces right now!! I definitely agree that rosemary, lemon and paprika are a match made in heaven. As I’m a chilli addict I probably would’ve added chilli also, but the smoked paprika in itself adds such a delicious spicy and sweet flavour 🙂 Oh, and I’d hire you! When I open my little cafe one day (argh, I just need a rich person to sponsor my idea!!)

    1. Thank you Laura! And you are so right. I may just mix in chilli power and garlic powder for the marinate next round. It should be good. When you start your cafe and still willing to hire me, I’ll quit TV and hop right over! Seriously 🙂

  7. I love those people who love Rosemary 🙂 Because Rosemary makes my soul dance. I love your easy chicken recipe. I love that alluring photo. I love you 🙂

    1. Thank you so much and kudos to rosemary lovers! 🙂 It is such a wonderful herb. I have 2 pots along my corridor and I got to touch them everyday before leaving for work. Makes me happy.

      1. This year I grew some Rosemary too in my backyard and they spreading like hell ! If you run out or so etching, buzz me, I will send you a whole carton of Rosemary 🙂
        Hugs back.

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