One of our business KPI is to identify opportunities to create award winning trailers. When I saw this block of movies on the program schedule, I know the chance is here.

When I share this idea with the producer who is not confident of promoting movies, she could not eat or sleep well during the creative process. I wonder if she still thinks the same after this spot wins a Gold at Promax World.


Since many years back, I have been longing to plant my own herbs for cooking.

Shifting to my current home made my dream come true.

I made full use of my corridor which is at most times fill with great sunshine and wind.

Once it’s planted correctly, rosemary grows like a weed and can last for a long while.

Chicken, beef and potatoes are good friends with rosemary.

The next thing I want to try is to scent a small bottle of olive oil by dipping a few stalks of rosemary with black peppercorn.


Everyone in the team contributed to this promotion spot. We nailed down this idea after two brainstorm sessions and every producer was assigned a different task to script, direct, edit and perform sound design.

It was the winning spot at Promaxbda Asia for best PSA Challenge.


I love taking on projects with minimum promo brief. For this spot, I was only given the email address, hotline number and promo deadline. Meaning the rest is up to me.

So with my right brain, plus an assistant producer who had just lost interest in k-pop and 2 bake bean cans…TA DA!!!


Throughout my TV career, this is among the most successful branding i did for a program promo. This tune from our licensed music company “Lullaby of Pain” gives Unriddle a powerful branding.

When the fans of Unriddle heard of a possible sequel, this is what they say: “Just use that same tune to create teasers like the first season and we will know Unriddle 2 is coming.”

Both Unriddle teaser campaigns helped me garner 2 silver awards at Promax Asia in two consecutive years.

Below are the launch trailers for Unriddle 2 following the teasers.


It is so much cheaper to cook a favorite dish than to film a promo. Thanks to the marketing director, I was lucky to have the chance and budget to shoot this spot.

After it was shown on TV, I received many calls to ask about that tree which was taken at the old bidadari cemetery. Unfortunately, it was being chopped off just after my shoot. I am so lucky! 


Bubbling on low fire with aroma that gets stronger as the cooking continues, the atmosphere seems calm till you taste the first spoonful when it’s finally done.

Time stops as you close your eyes to feel the flavors explode in your mouth pushing your blood to the heart and drive your emotions while the smell gets into your mind.

A program promo can work like a pot of powerful stew.