This is a happy moment!

I can still recall the number of compliments that was received from my boss, colleagues and friends when they saw this movie trailer on TV five months ago. Many told me it will win an award. Such wishes add on to my stress for the desire to hope that it will eventually happen for real. So I decided to put that thought away and keep my fingers crossed while waiting patiently for the day of the event.

The broadcast industry recognizes Promax as the Oscars of TV promotion. Yesterday night was the annual Promax Asia Awards ceremony. Like everyone else, I was among the audience hoping for a present from Santa to end the year with joy.

Just into the first quarter of the awards show, the category of my entry was up and I heard a familiar title being announced. Before I can receive all the handshakes from people sitting around me and settle myself down, my work was already playing on the big screen. It’s my turn to walk down the aisle and up the stage to receive a Promax Gold.



Trailer producers are way being under rated especially in Asia. Although we are the fighter pilots of the force but we are always given the last priority to book artistes’ time and filming crew. It is exactly the same for this project. We were told to create a star studded spot to sell our social media platforms without any resource support.

With a borrowed DSLR, we sneak into the backstage of an awards ceremony show and grab celebrities to post in front of the camera. As much as our effort may not be treasured by the chiefs, most of the celebrities from the station do appreciate our hard work and they manage to give us their best shot.

This trailer eventually garners a silver award at Promaxbda Asia last year.


This program trailer was created sometime back with my senior producer Ong Wan Jun. During the brainstorm session, a few ideas came up but were later being removed due to the lack of budget for big scale production. We settled for this concept and it proves once again that idea is king when it garners a gold award at promax asia.


Everyone in the team contributed to this promotion spot. We nailed down this idea after two brainstorm sessions and every producer was assigned a different task to script, direct, edit and perform sound design.

It was the winning spot at Promaxbda Asia for best PSA Challenge.


It is so much cheaper to cook a favorite dish than to film a promo. Thanks to the marketing director, I was lucky to have the chance and budget to shoot this spot.

After it was shown on TV, I received many calls to ask about that tree which was taken at the old bidadari cemetery. Unfortunately, it was being chopped off just after my shoot. I am so lucky! 


Bubbling on low fire with aroma that gets stronger as the cooking continues, the atmosphere seems calm till you taste the first spoonful when it’s finally done.

Time stops as you close your eyes to feel the flavors explode in your mouth pushing your blood to the heart and drive your emotions while the smell gets into your mind.

A program promo can work like a pot of powerful stew.


When I was a kid, my grandma use to sell ‘Kueh’ at a market near my current place. ‘Nyonya Kueh’ is a common variety in her purchase order. Most ‘Nyonya Kueh’ is made from glutinous rice which makes it very filling. I don’t really like eating because my stomach will have no more space for tidbits after that.

 In 2008, ‘Nyonya Kueh’ became a top selling product throughout Singapore because of our local drama “The Little Nyonya”. I am glad that I had the chance to launch this title which gained high viewership and eventually became the most applauded drama in the last 15 years.

This particular spot garnered 3 promax awards.