When I was a kid, my grandma use to sell ‘Kueh’ at a market near my current place. ‘Nyonya Kueh’ is a common variety in her purchase order. Most ‘Nyonya Kueh’ is made from glutinous rice which makes it very filling. I don’t really like eating because my stomach will have no more space for tidbits after that.

 In 2008, ‘Nyonya Kueh’ became a top selling product throughout Singapore because of our local drama “The Little Nyonya”. I am glad that I had the chance to launch this title which gained high viewership and eventually became the most applauded drama in the last 15 years.

This particular spot garnered 3 promax awards. 


Just like cutting food for cooking, there are all kinds of technique to cut a promo. Other than some basic rules to begin with, the rest is truly free play. I’ve been working as a video editor for almost five years before turning into program promotions. Along with continuous compliments, my good editing skill was made official by Promax World in 2008.