This is another happy moment! My Bruce Lee promo just garnered another Gold award two days ago at Promaxbda World competition held in L.A. Too bad I wasn’t there to witness the win.


This is a happy moment!

I can still recall the number of compliments that was received from my boss, colleagues and friends when they saw this movie trailer on TV five months ago. Many told me it will win an award. Such wishes add on to my stress for the desire to hope that it will eventually happen for real. So I decided to put that thought away and keep my fingers crossed while waiting patiently for the day of the event.

The broadcast industry recognizes Promax as the Oscars of TV promotion. Yesterday night was the annual Promax Asia Awards ceremony. Like everyone else, I was among the audience hoping for a present from Santa to end the year with joy.

Just into the first quarter of the awards show, the category of my entry was up and I heard a familiar title being announced. Before I can receive…

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