One of our business KPI is to identify opportunities to create award winning trailers. When I saw this block of movies on the program schedule, I know the chance is here.

When I share this idea with the producer who is not confident of promoting movies, she could not eat or sleep well during the creative process. I wonder if she still thinks the same after this spot wins a Gold at Promax World.


  1. i guess..its hard to create..because..u dunno when u will get it right..after (many) tries and at the verge of giving up..hmmm..it not only test the work/technical part..it also test one’s patience…determination..it can be both physical and mental challenging..hahah..and where is the destination..

    1. well, i guess the world gold muse answers it all! haha! And of course the path to achieve a world gold spot is never easy. If not, cats, dogs or some monkey also can win. oops!

        1. Jojie, just to share a bit more of whats happening over here. I will be attending Promax Asia conference in the next 2 days. It is like the Oscar for the program promotion industry. I have sent in a few entries and the results will be out on Thursday night. Getting excited. Wish me luck! 🙂

          1. I am sure with your long list of recognitions in the past, you will come home with another award this time around. I don’t even need to cross my fingers for you. Best of luck and my immediate congratulations. Post photos!

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